How the Freight Market Can Recover from Shipping Delays

Shipping delays over the last two years have had a substantial impact on the freight market. We’ve all heard about the issues with the supply chain—in fact, most people have been affected by shipping delays at least once over the last couple of years.

Problems still persist, even though the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us. As economies and industries recover, the shipping industry should turn its attention to logistics during shipping delays.

It’s time to get inventive

Between the pandemic and the ubiquity of online shopping, the shipping industry is under increased demand. Customers still need to get their deliveries, whether that’s household goods, clothing, entertainment and more. Unfortunately, a great deal of those goods is imported.

Without enough staff to move goods at ports, ships have been waiting in long lines just to get unloaded. On top of that, there’s a shipping container storage. Ground freight companies can’t move the products until they’re unloaded, which adds additional delays.

This has forced businesses to get creative. Some companies have considered the logistics during shipping delays and come up with strategies to work around them. For instance, holiday shopping promotions started much earlier in the last two years—somewhere around July. The sooner you can get a customer to buy something they won’t need for five months, the less likely they’ll be irritated if it’s a bit late.

Another upside to this approach: If customers are able to spread out their holiday shopping purchases, there’s less likely to be a bottleneck during the holiday season.

Some companies, like Amazon, have also extended their return windows. They’re banking on customers being slow to return their packages since they don’t need to get them in the mail as quickly. This, too, helps spread out the shipping and freight demand.

Shipping delays impact freight market cost, too

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the cost of shipping freight has skyrocketed. The increased demand, coupled with shipping delays, has made fast and efficient shipping costlier than ever. Focusing on logistics isn’t just a matter of keeping your inventory stocked and your customers happy—it’s also a matter of finding new ways to keep your costs lower.

There are plenty of shipping options that may reduce your freight bill. Whether you choose less-than-truckload freight or wait until you can fill entire trucks, shipping containers or other transport, make sure to explore your options. Calling local freight businesses, like Double Tap Transportation LLC, allows you to make sure that you’re getting the best rate for the fastest shipping around.

If you’re interested in addressing your logistics and avoiding shipping delays, Double Tap Transportation LLC can help. Our team is happy to work with you to find the right solutions for your business. Whatever you’re shipping, we can make it happen. We’re committed to offering great service, so you’ll always know where your freight is and when it arrives at the destination. Call today to get started—we look forward to working with you soon!