5 Ways Freight and Shipping Companies Can Offer Customer Service

Customer service is a pillar in many industries, including freight and shipping. If you want your customers to keep coming back for more—and spread the word to their colleagues—investing in your customer service can go a long way. Whether you’re interacting with customers during ordering or ensuring accurate delivery times, your company should make customer […]

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How Tech Changes Impact Freight and Logistics

Technology has a massive impact on all of our lives, including the freight industry. What happens when an old system is rendered obsolete? The recent rollback of 3G has a sunset impact on GPS. Trucks across the country, which once relied on 3G networks, may not be able to use their original technology, which will […]

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How the Freight Market Can Recover from Shipping Delays

Shipping delays over the last two years have had a substantial impact on the freight market. We’ve all heard about the issues with the supply chain—in fact, most people have been affected by shipping delays at least once over the last couple of years. Problems still persist, even though the worst of the pandemic seems […]

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